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It All Started By Supporting Our Marine.


Luz Mercado; founder of Support our Heroes, a nonprofit, one-woman organization, sending supplies every other day to American troops all around the world. 

Initially, she sent supplies only to her son; GySgt Luis Mercado Jr.

who served 12 years of Active Duty Service as a United States Marine.


During Operation Iraqi Freedom, she decided to adopt his whole company of nearly 120 Marines when Sgt. Mercado at the time, told her about his Marines who never received a package from home. 

The Marines received a decent amount of meals and water to sustain themselves in support of the current Combat Operations. A simple treat of power drinks and energy bars made such an incredible difference during 21-hour days filled with bombs and bloodshed. 

They need new socks to replace the ones they sweat and wear through in the 130-degree desert. 

So the 43-year-old mom and part-time jeweler converted a corner of her garage into a warehouse. For months, she and her husband, Luis Sr., sent the supplies and footed the bills themselves.

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